Compatible Partners Dating App Review (for gay men)

If you have ever heard of eHarmony (one of the most well-known dating platforms in the world), then you will immediately know how Compatible Partners dating app works because this dating app for gay singles was created by eHarmony for gay people looking forlove online. There fore, Compatible Partners and eHarmony have the same principles, matching system and communication processes. Having said that, thesetwo platforms are still a bit different � Compatible Partners dating app is refined so as to incorporate the unique featuresof gay dating needs, which means eHarmony has adjusted some elements in order to cater for the needs of gay guys! Casual hook-ups are not allowed on this app.

  • Download Compatible Partners dating app on your phone first and then create a dating account later.
  • Fill out the Relationship Questionnaire which will make the matchmaking system work for youpatible Partners dating app has an advanced matching algorithm that considers your match preferences and your personality profile.
  • Upload pictures from your Facebook account or from your mobile phone.
  • Receive daily compatible matches on the app.
  • Find out why certain matches are compatible with you as well as based on what attributes you two are matched.
  • Send smiles toyour matches to break the ice easily.
  • Pre-written quick questions can be sent to your matches so that you will learn more about them!
  1. Basic plan:
  2. 1-month subscription: $;

Please note that prices are subject to change without priornotice and we cannot guarantee that the prices will always stay the same.

�Compatible Partners dating app is the worst dating app ever! I’m very disappointed by how freaking useless itis.� (Tom, 27, Sydney)

�I still don’t understand why eHarmony is theowner of Compatible Partners � eHarmonyis a reputable dating platform; on the other hand, it also has this disgust in dating app called Compatible Partners � it simply doesn’t work!� (Mike, 32,Toronto)

�Though Compatible Partners dating app is maintained by an experienced IT team, it still has too many technical problems that don’t even allow me to use this app properly. This is just a waste of time.� (Angus, 29, New York City)

�I like Compatible Partners dating app because only on this app can I find a good guy who is looking for aserious relationship, which isn’t very common in today’s day and age because welive in a hook-up culture. Luckily, I joined Compatible Partners last year andmet my current partner this year on this app. We are still so in love and weplan to get married soon.� (Carlos, 33, San Francisco)

That being said, the most special feature on Compatible Partners is that this platforms is only for gay men who are looking for serious, long-term relationships

�You can use Compatible Partners dating app if you have the patience to fill out the questionnaire whichmay take a few hours to complete.� (Jade Seashell)

Therefore, you would be well-advised to read the pricing page of Compatible Partners dating app when you are ready to join this app

�This isn’t the best dating app for gay guys, but it’s indeed a platform for gay men looking for serious commitments rather than casual hook-ups.� (Curt Coch)

Compatible Partners dating app is a dating platform designed for gay men looking forlong-term relationships instead of meaningless hook-ups. However, it seems that many members on this app are desperately looking for security in life rather than knowing how to actually enjoy life. We do respect those who want long-term commitments, but starting from looking for a long-term relationship isn’t the best beginning because dating should never be exclusive � you have to �interview� different candidates before you can add them to your roster, and then you may want to promote one of them so that one guy becomes your long-term partner later.

�This isn’t the most ideal gay dating app that you can find, so perhaps it’s time to look for something that actually works for you as well as your gay friends.�