2022’s Best Hookup Apps & Hookup Sites We’ve Tried Personally

Finding the best hookup apps and hookup sites is a bit like walking through a minefield. Everywhere you look there is a hot new app that promises to make your life easier with some new technology, artificial intelligence, or by using some algorithm on your Facebook friends. There are so many new apps out there now that very few of them even have enough people using them to be worthwhile.

There is also the big problem where most of the reviews you read online were written by professional writers who may never have even used a hookup app! Unlike those reviews, our team has spent months using 100+ different hookup apps to find the best.

Finding and using the best hookup app is all about SAVING TIME and actually finding someone to hookup with on a regular basis. The last thing you want is to use an app that is a ghost town or full of people that even on your most desperate day you wouldn’t consider hooking up with. Fortunately, we are here to help!

It’s more important than ever to find a good hookup app. Thanks to all the social distancing it’s way harder right now to meet people for more casual fun. A TON of the hookups that would have started in person are not only starting online.

How We Review Hookup Apps and Sites and Why It Matters

As a group that enjoys the speed, ease and convenience of high-quality hookup apps and hookup sites we have put in the time and frustration necessary to test, rate, and review HUNDREDS of hookup sites and apps. We jumped on the grenades so you don’t have to and found a few truly top-notch casual sex apps you can use for a NSA hookup that are actually worth your time.

We spend several weeks using both the free version of the site and any paid version (most reviews only cover the free version) We send several dozen tailored messages to women of all kinds that have proven effective on many other sites We followed up consistently using tried-and-true techniques that we teach that have led to hundreds of dates We set up as many dates as we can and actually meet up (we’re looking for hookups too after all) We then compare our experience with the 100+ other dating and hookup apps we have recently reviewed to see where that app or site ranks

This is a very expensive and time-consuming way to find the best hookup app but it’s the only way to really understand what’s working and who it will work for. You can’t take shortcuts on this.

The Best Hookup Apps & Hookup Sites That You Need To Try

We are going to break this down into a few different recommendations based on what you are interested in for the various casual sex, one-night stand, and DTF apps. We will also provide a few general suggestions if the first few are not what you are into.

AFF is the best hookup app for most people and has been solid for a decade ( try it blackwink ekÅŸi for free )

  • Quality of the users – They have a lot of members but all of them are there to hookup
  • Quantity of the users – 60,000,000+ active users worldwide
  • Ease of hooking up – With so many users and a very clear objective it doesn’t get any easier
  • Location – Pretty global at this point but most popular in English speaking countries
  • Rating – The best for most people (unless you are really interested in longer-term relationships with women 30-50, then you should use Passion )